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October 01, 2013


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Good stuff! Thanks for sharing it all... Not sure if you have heard of Mint. But it is an excellent online tool for budgeting. It connects directly to your bank account and would save you from the spreadsheet work!


Thank you Jamie! I AM inspired...In many ways. Every time I go back home to Kiana, there's the woman in me that reveals herself again :) Your blog post helps remind me of a very important piece of myself I oftentimes neglect while we lead the fast paced Anchorage life.

Rise Up Rooted

Thank you guys for your interest!

Tony, I'll definitely give Mint a try and will let you how it goes. I dabbled with Buxfer but it was taking me so long to categorize expenses that I realized a spreadsheet was actually quicker for me.

Greta, I totally know what you mean. Being home in Bethel always seems to remind me about what's REAL. It's all about family, being outside, and things that make me feel good inside. Although challenging, I try to hold on tight to that mentality when I'm back in Montana. Give Lewis a big hug from us, oh yeah, and COlin too.

Debbie Herring

Love it..totally agree... realized a long time ago happiness isn't in things it comes from within.,


Yes! Debbie, did you read Katie's recent post about choosing happiness? YOu two are totally on the same page.


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