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October 16, 2013


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I love this Jamie-looney! Moon is going to have some amazing stories to share just like her amazing mama and papa! Miss you! Hugs to all of you and knock dottie moons teeth out when they come in. Kenkamken Cakneq!

P.S. I love this!


What a beautiful story! Can't wait to read more. Miss you guys.

Rise Up Rooted

Thanks ladies - I've been enjoying getting the words out. Ninx, as of yesterday, Dottie Moon is up to seven teeth. You're going to have a helluva time knocking them all out! Kat, are you and the family coming to Missoula any time soon?! Be sure to give us some head's up so we can get together!

Miss you guys!

Beverly Hoffman

I love this Jamie, I'm so proud to be an Auntie.


awesome... enjoying your writing...now I need to get to work!

Nora Armstrong Johnson

Hi Jamie. I was born and raised in Dillingham, Alaska and came acrross your story in the newspaper in Missoula while we were visiting friends. My husband and i and our 7 year old daughter are thinking about moving to the Missoula area. It was really inspiring to read your blog! What's it like living in Missoula?

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