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October 23, 2013


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Beverly Hoffman

Love you guys and how you are raising Dottie Moon. The only thing I did different was not using cloth diapers. After cleaning poopie cloth diapers of five siblings just couldn't do it but I should have! You don't need all the gadgets "all you need is love" and a whole lot of Patience and humor!!


You're amazing!


Unfortunately my son was/is a picky eater. I registered for all the supplies I'd need to make and freeze found and it all went to waste. We tried so many different ways to get him to eat we ended up spending lots of $$ on food.
Other than that, I'd agree you don't need a lot- at least at first. My son is a little over 2. I teach yoga and my husband works ft. Any spare change we have goes directly to our son- giving him as many wonderful experiences as we can- many of which are free through libraries etc but still you'll spend more as they get older.



I am so curious to see how our situation evolves as Moon grows up. YOu are totally right that the needs of a baby and the needs of a toddler (then a teenager, ACK!) are so different. A few articles that have really peaked my interest re: minimalism and parenting:




I'd love to hear about the other low-cost activities you have found for your family!

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