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November 05, 2013


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Hi...we've never met but I've met your house. I used to hang out there just a few years back in a wild time of life. It always seemed so lonely and with so much potential. I drove by a few weeks ago and saw your banner hanging and am please to see this site. Best of luck in your transformation.


Thanks Renee! I'm sure if the walls could talk, we'd hear 100 years worth of great stories!

Susan Flanagin

I was glad to see your project included in the business supplement to today's paper. But you must have told the author you are in the slant streets. If you knew the early Missoula history about why the slant streets were developed, you might understand why I object to you including your house, which is on a straight street. Here is the email I wrote to Jenna:

I appreciated reading your Sixth Street restoration article, but feel I must point out a mistake you made, one the owners make themselves. Your words were: "one of the first built in Missoula's Slant Streets neighborhood."

The slant streets got their name because they are at a slant to the usual east/west laid out streets. There is an important part of early Missoula history behind that situation.

Any house on Sixth St. runs a true east/west direction. The house in your article is on a straight street, not a slant street. It is right next door to the slant streets, but not in it.

Yes, not a big deal. Unless you are a sixty six year old Native Missoulian who first moved into the slant streets at age five, and who has purchased three homes here. I raised my kids in a wonderful home I have since sold and still have a rental house on Rollins, and now live on Longstaff.


Thanks for your support Susan! Your lesson on the Slant Streets is also appreciated. I'd love to hear more about the reasons behind the slants, if you'd care to share. Both the Herring and Owen families chose to purchase their first homes in the Slant Street neighborhood (and the TRUE Slant Streets - Kern and Cleveland - not Sixth Street) and we are all here to stay. The Missoulian's oversight is likely due to the fact that our company is named Slant Street Empire Builders, which refers the location of the owners, not necessarily the property we invest in. Sorry for any confusion and I hope you continue to follow along!


Thanks for taking time to comment, However, we are aware that the house lies in the McCormick straight street neighborhood. We call ourselves Slant Street Empire Builders because we all live in the slant streets on the other side of sixth. Sorry for your confusion.

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