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December 16, 2013


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Shelley Toon Lindberg

I love your musings about your new life here in Oregon. First, they make me smile because you are learning at 30 what I learned at 40. Overachiever! You are on a noble path with a good partner to share it with...what more could you need.

Love and light to you both.


My husband and I are trying to live a more simple, less materialistic life after becoming a one-income family after the birth of our daughter in 2012. We also tend to have little willpower with the temptation of fun, but we are doing pretty good I think. We play little games, like go one week without Starbucks and then we can have a nice Saturday morning breakfast at the local coffee shop. (we live in suburbia) Our food budget tends to be our biggest expense, as we buy organic, high quality food; not pre-packaged junk.

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